About Us

DeviceKB.com was initially aimed to provide products specification about GSM mobiles, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, computers like laptops, desktops, 2 in 1, all in one, server hardware, PCI vendor & USB vendors information only.

DeviceKB.com was started in July 2017 with PCI Vendor IDs and USB Vendor IDs information with Device ID, Subsystem ID with Device Name and Subsystem Name. DeviceKB.com was designed with purely IT Professional in mind and give search option of Hardware IDs. Lately, we realized that DeviceKB.com must include Mobile Devices, Computer Devices and Server Hardware for its valuable Users.

DeviceKB.com is aimed to provide all above-mentioned devices and their relevant information, reviews and some technical discussion as well on this website. You can write us for anything you would us to develop.

DeviceKB.com Services

Device Identifiers

I DeviceKB.com currently offers PCI Vendors, USB Vendors information like Vendor ID, Device ID, Subsystem ID combines Hardware IDs Identifiers to help users for finding the appropriate Vendor Name, Device Name, Subsystem Name Information.