PCI Vednor Name Compaq Computer Corporation
PCI Vednor ID 0E11
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 0001 PCI to EISA Bridge
PCI 0002 PCI to ISA Bridge
PCI 0046 Smart Array 64xx
PCI 0049 NC7132 Gigabit Upgrade Module
PCI 004A NC6136 Gigabit Server Adapter
PCI 005A Remote Insight II board - Lights-Out
PCI 007C NC7770 1000BaseTX
PCI 007D NC6770 1000BaseTX
PCI 0085 NC7780 1000BaseTX
PCI 00B1 Remote Insight II board - PCI device
PCI 00BB NC7760
PCI 00CA NC7771
PCI 00CB NC7781
PCI 00CF NC7772
PCI 00D0 NC7782
PCI 00D1 NC7783
PCI 00E3 NC7761
PCI 0508 Netelligent 4/16 Token Ring
PCI 1000 Triflex/Pentium Bridge, Model 1000
PCI 2000 Triflex/Pentium Bridge, Model 2000
PCI 3032 QVision 1280/p
PCI 3033 QVision 1280/p
PCI 3034 QVision 1280/p
PCI 4000 4000 [Triflex]
PCI 4040 Integrated Array
PCI 4048 Compaq Raid LC2
PCI 4050 Smart Array 4200
PCI 4051 Smart Array 4250ES
PCI 4058 Smart Array 431
PCI 4070 Smart Array 5300
PCI 4080 Smart Array 5i
PCI 4082 Smart Array 532
PCI 4083 Smart Array 5312
PCI 4091 Smart Array 6i
PCI 409A Smart Array 641
PCI 409B Smart Array 642
PCI 409C Smart Array 6400
PCI 409D Smart Array 6400 EM
PCI 6010 HotPlug PCI Bridge 6010
PCI 7020 USB Controller
PCI A0EC Fibre Channel Host Controller
PCI A0F0 Advanced System Management Controller
PCI A0F3 Triflex PCI to ISA Bridge
PCI A0F7 PCI Hotplug Controller
PCI A0F8 ZFMicro Chipset USB
PCI A0FC FibreChannel HBA Tachyon
PCI AE10 Smart-2/P RAID Controller
PCI AE31 System Management Controller
PCI AE32 Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI UTP
PCI AE33 Triflex Dual EIDE Controller
PCI AE34 Netelligent 10 T PCI UTP
PCI AE35 Integrated NetFlex-3/P
PCI AE40 Netelligent Dual 10/100 TX PCI UTP
PCI AE43 Netelligent Integrated 10/100 TX UTP
PCI AE6C Northstar
PCI AE6D NorthStar CPU to PCI Bridge
PCI B011 Netelligent 10/100 TX Embedded UTP
PCI B012 Netelligent 10 T/2 PCI UTP/Coax
PCI B01E NC3120 Fast Ethernet NIC
PCI B01F NC3122 Fast Ethernet NIC
PCI B02F NC1120 Ethernet NIC
PCI B030 Netelligent 10/100 TX UTP
PCI B04A 10/100 TX PCI Intel WOL UTP Controller
PCI B060 Smart Array 5300 Controller
PCI B0C6 NC3161 Fast Ethernet NIC
PCI B0C7 NC3160 Fast Ethernet NIC
PCI B0D7 NC3121 Fast Ethernet NIC
PCI B0DD NC3131 Fast Ethernet NIC
PCI B0DE NC3132 Fast Ethernet Module
PCI B0DF NC6132 Gigabit Module
PCI B0E0 NC6133 Gigabit Module
PCI B0E1 NC3133 Fast Ethernet Module
PCI B123 NC6134 Gigabit NIC
PCI B134 NC3163 Fast Ethernet NIC
PCI B13C NC3162 Fast Ethernet NIC
PCI B144 NC3123 Fast Ethernet NIC
PCI B163 NC3134 Fast Ethernet NIC
PCI B164 NC3165 Fast Ethernet Upgrade Module
PCI B178 Smart Array 5i/532
PCI B1A4 NC7131 Gigabit Server Adapter
PCI B200 Memory Hot-Plug Controller
PCI B203 Integrated Lights Out Controller
PCI B204 Integrated Lights Out Processor
PCI C000 Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition
PCI F130 NetFlex-3/P ThunderLAN 1.0
PCI F150 NetFlex-3/P ThunderLAN 2.3

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