PCI Vednor Name IBM
PCI Vednor ID 1014
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 0002 PCI to MCA Bridge
PCI 0005 Processor to I/O Controller [Alta Lite]
PCI 0007 Processor to I/O Controller [Alta MP]
PCI 000A PCI to ISA Bridge (IBM27-82376) [Fire Coral]
PCI 0017 CPU to PCI Bridge
PCI 0018 TR Auto LANstreamer
PCI 001B GXT-150P
PCI 001C Carrera
PCI 001D SCSI-2 FAST PCI Adapter (82G2675)
PCI 0020 GXT1000 Graphics Adapter
PCI 0022 PCI to PCI Bridge (IBM27-82351)
PCI 002D Processor to I/O Controller [Python]
PCI 002E SCSI RAID Adapter [ServeRAID]
PCI 0031 2 Port Serial Adapter
PCI 0036 PCI to 32-bit LocalBus Bridge [Miami]
PCI 0037 PowerPC to PCI Bridge (IBM27-82660)
PCI 003A CPU to PCI Bridge
PCI 003C GXT250P/GXT255P Graphics Adapter
PCI 003E 16/4 Token ring UTP/STP controller
PCI 0045 SSA Adapter
PCI 0046 MPIC interrupt controller
PCI 0047 PCI to PCI Bridge
PCI 0048 PCI to PCI Bridge
PCI 0049 Warhead SCSI Controller
PCI 004E ATM Controller (14104e00)
PCI 004F ATM Controller (14104f00)
PCI 0050 ATM Controller (14105000)
PCI 0053 25 MBit ATM Controller
PCI 0054 GXT500P/GXT550P Graphics Adapter
PCI 0057 MPEG PCI Bridge
PCI 0058 SSA Adapter [Advanced SerialRAID/X]
PCI 005E GXT800P Graphics Adapter
PCI 007C ATM Controller (14107c00)
PCI 007D 3780IDSP [MWave]
PCI 008B EADS PCI to PCI Bridge
PCI 008E GXT3000P Graphics Adapter
PCI 0090 GXT 3000P
PCI 0091 SSA Adapter
PCI 0095 20H2999 PCI Docking Bridge
PCI 0096 Chukar chipset SCSI controller
PCI 009F PCI 4758 Cryptographic Accelerator
PCI 00A5 ATM Controller (1410a500)
PCI 00A6 ATM 155MBPS MM Controller (1410a600)
PCI 00B7 GXT2000P Graphics Adapter
PCI 00B8 GXT2000P Graphics Adapter
PCI 00BE ATM 622MBPS Controller (1410be00)
PCI 00DC Advanced Systems Management Adapter (ASMA)
PCI 00FC CPC710 Dual Bridge and Memory Controller (PCI-64)
PCI 0105 CPC710 Dual Bridge and Memory Controller (PCI-32)
PCI 010F Remote Supervisor Adapter (RSA)
PCI 0142 Yotta Video Compositor Input
PCI 0144 Yotta Video Compositor Output
PCI 0156 405GP PLB to PCI Bridge
PCI 015E 622Mbps ATM PCI Adapter
PCI 0160 64bit/66MHz PCI ATM 155 MMF
PCI 016E GXT4000P Graphics Adapter
PCI 0170 GXT6000P Graphics Adapter
PCI 017D GXT300P Graphics Adapter
PCI 0180 Snipe chipset SCSI controller
PCI 0188 EADS-X PCI-X to PCI-X Bridge
PCI 01A7 PCI-X to PCI-X Bridge
PCI 01BD ServeRAID Controller
PCI 01C1 64bit/66MHz PCI ATM 155 UTP
PCI 01E6 Cryptographic Accelerator
PCI 01EF PowerPC 440GP PCI Bridge
PCI 01FF 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
PCI 0219 Multiport Serial Adapter
PCI 021B GXT6500P Graphics Adapter
PCI 021C GXT4500P Graphics Adapter
PCI 0233 GXT135P Graphics Adapter
PCI 028C Citrine chipset SCSI controller
PCI 02A1 Calgary PCI-X Host Bridge
PCI 02BD Obsidian chipset SCSI controller
PCI 0302 Winnipeg PCI-X Host Bridge
PCI 0308 CalIOC2 PCI-E Root Port
PCI 0311 FC 5740/1954 4-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX PCI-X Adapter for POWER
PCI 0314 ZISC 036 Neural accelerator card
PCI 032D Axon - Cell Companion Chip
PCI 0339 Obsidian-E PCI-E SCSI controller
PCI 03DC POWER8 Host Bridge (PHB3)
PCI 044B GenWQE Accelerator Adapter
PCI 04AA Flash Adapter 90 (PCIe2 0.9TB)
PCI 04C1 POWER9 Host Bridge (PHB4)
PCI 04ED Internal Shared Memory (ISM) virtual PCI device
PCI 3022 QLA3022 Network Adapter
PCI 4022 QLA3022 Network Adapter
PCI FFFF MPIC-2 interrupt controller

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