PCI Vednor Name Acer Incorporated [ALI]
PCI Vednor ID 1025
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 1435 M1435
PCI 1445 M1445
PCI 1449 M1449
PCI 1451 M1451
PCI 1461 M1461
PCI 1489 M1489
PCI 1511 M1511
PCI 1512 ALI M1512 Aladdin
PCI 1513 M1513
PCI 1521 ALI M1521 Aladdin III CPU Bridge
PCI 1523 ALI M1523 ISA Bridge
PCI 1531 M1531 Northbridge [Aladdin IV/IV+]
PCI 1533 M1533 PCI-to-ISA Bridge
PCI 1535 M1535 PCI Bridge + Super I/O + FIR
PCI 1541 M1541 Northbridge [Aladdin V]
PCI 1542 M1542 Northbridge [Aladdin V]
PCI 1543 M1543 PCI-to-ISA Bridge + Super I/O + FIR
PCI 1561 M1561 Northbridge [Aladdin 7]
PCI 1621 M1621 Northbridge [Aladdin-Pro II]
PCI 1631 M1631 Northbridge+3D Graphics [Aladdin TNT2]
PCI 1641 M1641 Northbridge [Aladdin-Pro IV]
PCI 1647 M1647 [MaGiK1] PCI North Bridge
PCI 1671 M1671 Northbridge [ALADDiN-P4]
PCI 1672 Northbridge [CyberALADDiN-P4]
PCI 3141 M3141
PCI 3143 M3143
PCI 3145 M3145
PCI 3147 M3147
PCI 3149 M3149
PCI 3151 M3151
PCI 3307 M3307 MPEG-I Video Controller
PCI 3309 M3309 MPEG-II Video w/ Software Audio Decoder
PCI 3321 M3321 MPEG-II Audio/Video Decoder
PCI 5212 M4803
PCI 5215 ALI PCI EIDE Controller
PCI 5217 M5217H
PCI 5219 M5219
PCI 5225 M5225
PCI 5229 M5229
PCI 5235 M5235
PCI 5237 M5237 PCI USB Host Controller
PCI 5240 EIDE Controller
PCI 5241 PCMCIA Bridge
PCI 5242 General Purpose Controller
PCI 5243 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
PCI 5244 Floppy Disk Controller
PCI 5247 M1541 PCI to PCI Bridge
PCI 5251 M5251 P1394 Controller
PCI 5427 PCI to AGP Bridge
PCI 5451 M5451 PCI AC-Link Controller Audio Device
PCI 5453 M5453 PCI AC-Link Controller Modem Device
PCI 7101 M7101 PCI PMU Power Management Controller
PCI 9602 AMD RS780/RS880 PCI to PCI bridge (int gfx)

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