PCI Vednor Name Hewlett-Packard Company
PCI Vednor ID 103C
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 1005 A4977A Visualize EG
PCI 1008 Visualize FX
PCI 1028 Tach TL Fibre Channel Host Adapter
PCI 1029 Tach XL2 Fibre Channel Host Adapter
PCI 102A Tach TS Fibre Channel Host Adapter
PCI 1030 J2585A DeskDirect 10/100VG NIC
PCI 1031 J2585B HP 10/100VG PCI LAN Adapter
PCI 1040 J2973A DeskDirect 10BaseT NIC
PCI 1041 J2585B DeskDirect 10/100 NIC
PCI 1042 J2970A DeskDirect 10BaseT/2 NIC
PCI 1048 Diva Serial [GSP] Multiport UART
PCI 1054 PCI Local Bus Adapter
PCI 1064 79C970 PCnet Ethernet Controller
PCI 108B Visualize FXe
PCI 10C1 NetServer Smart IRQ Router
PCI 10ED TopTools Remote Control
PCI 10F0 rio System Bus Adapter
PCI 10F1 rio I/O Controller
PCI 1219 NetServer PCI Hot-Plug Controller
PCI 121A NetServer SMIC Controller
PCI 121B NetServer Legacy COM Port Decoder
PCI 121C NetServer PCI COM Port Decoder
PCI 1229 zx1 System Bus Adapter
PCI 122A zx1 I/O Controller
PCI 122E PCI-X Local Bus Adapter
PCI 127B sx1000 System Bus Adapter
PCI 127C sx1000 I/O Controller
PCI 1290 Auxiliary Diva Serial Port
PCI 1291 Auxiliary Diva Serial Port
PCI 12B4 zx1 QuickSilver AGP8x Local Bus Adapter
PCI 12EB sx2000 System Bus Adapter
PCI 12EC sx2000 I/O Controller
PCI 12EE PCI-X 2.0 Local Bus Adapter
PCI 1302 RMP-3 Shared Memory Driver
PCI 1303 RMP-3 (Remote Management Processor)
PCI 22F6 iLO5 Virtual USB Controller
PCI 2910 E2910A PCIBus Exerciser
PCI 2925 E2925A 32 Bit, 33 MHzPCI Exerciser & Analyzer
PCI 3206 Adaptec Embedded Serial ATA HostRAID
PCI 3220 Smart Array P600
PCI 3230 Smart Array Controller
PCI 3238 Smart Array E200i (SAS Controller)
PCI 3239 Smart Array Gen9 Controllers
PCI 323A Smart Array G6 controllers
PCI 323B Smart Array Gen8 Controllers
PCI 323C Smart Array Gen8+ Controllers
PCI 3300 Integrated Lights-Out Standard Virtual USB Controller
PCI 3301 Integrated Lights-Out Standard Serial Port
PCI 3302 Integrated Lights-Out Standard KCS Interface
PCI 3305 Integrated Lights-Out (iLO2) Controller
PCI 3306 Integrated Lights-Out Standard Slave Instrumentation & System Support
PCI 3307 Integrated Lights-Out Standard Management Processor Support and Messaging
PCI 3308 Integrated Lights-Out Standard MS Watchdog Timer
PCI 4030 zx2 System Bus Adapter
PCI 4031 zx2 I/O Controller
PCI 4037 PCIe Local Bus Adapter
PCI 9602 AMD RS780/RS880 PCI to PCI bridge (int gfx)

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