PCI Vednor Name Motorola
PCI Vednor ID 1057
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 0001 MPC105 [Eagle]
PCI 0002 MPC106 [Grackle]
PCI 0003 MPC8240 [Kahlua]
PCI 0004 MPC107
PCI 0006 MPC8245 [Unity]
PCI 0008 MPC8540
PCI 0009 MPC8560
PCI 0012 MPC8548 [PowerQUICC III]
PCI 0100 MC145575 [HFC-PCI]
PCI 0431 KTI829c 100VG
PCI 1073 Nokia N770
PCI 1219 Nokia N800
PCI 1801 DSP56301 Digital Signal Processor
PCI 18C0 MPC8265A/8266/8272
PCI 18C1 MPC8271/MPC8272
PCI 3052 SM56 Data Fax Modem
PCI 3410 DSP56361 Digital Signal Processor
PCI 4801 Raven
PCI 4802 Falcon
PCI 4803 Hawk
PCI 4806 CPX8216
PCI 4D68 20268
PCI 5600 SM56 PCI Modem
PCI 5608 Wildcard X100P
PCI 5803 MPC5200
PCI 5806 MCF54 Coldfire
PCI 5808 MPC8220
PCI 5809 MPC5200B
PCI 6400 MPC190 Security Processor (S1 family, encryption)
PCI 6405 MPC184 Security Processor (S1 family)

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