PCI Vednor Name Promise Technology, Inc.
PCI Vednor ID 105A
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 0D30 PDC20265 (FastTrak100 Lite/Ultra100)
PCI 0D38 20263
PCI 1275 20275
PCI 3318 PDC20318 (SATA150 TX4)
PCI 3319 PDC20319 (FastTrak S150 TX4)
PCI 3371 PDC20371 (FastTrak S150 TX2plus)
PCI 3373 PDC20378 (FastTrak 378/SATA 378)
PCI 3375 PDC20375 (SATA150 TX2plus)
PCI 3376 PDC20376 (FastTrak 376)
PCI 3515 PDC40719 [FastTrak TX4300/TX4310]
PCI 3519 PDC40519 (FastTrak TX4200)
PCI 3570 PDC20771 [FastTrak TX2300]
PCI 3571 PDC20571 (FastTrak TX2200)
PCI 3574 PDC20579 SATAII 150 IDE Controller
PCI 3577 PDC40779 (SATA 300 779)
PCI 3D17 PDC40718 (SATA 300 TX4)
PCI 3D18 PDC20518/PDC40518 (SATAII 150 TX4)
PCI 3D73 PDC40775 (SATA 300 TX2plus)
PCI 3D75 PDC20575 (SATAII150 TX2plus)
PCI 3F20 PDC42819 [FastTrak TX2650/TX4650]
PCI 4302 80333 [SuperTrak EX4350]
PCI 4D30 PDC20267 (FastTrak100/Ultra100)
PCI 4D33 20246
PCI 4D38 PDC20262 (FastTrak66/Ultra66)
PCI 4D68 PDC20268 [Ultra100 TX2]
PCI 4D69 20269
PCI 5275 PDC20276 (MBFastTrak133 Lite)
PCI 5300 DC5300
PCI 6268 PDC20270 (FastTrak100 LP/TX2/TX4)
PCI 6269 PDC20271 (FastTrak TX2000)
PCI 6300 PDC81731 [FastTrak SX8300]
PCI 6621 PDC20621 (FastTrak S150 SX4/FastTrak SX4000 lite)
PCI 6622 PDC20621 [SATA150 SX4] 4 Channel IDE RAID Controller
PCI 6624 PDC20621 [FastTrak SX4100]
PCI 6626 PDC20618 (Ultra 618)
PCI 6629 PDC20619 (FastTrak TX4000)
PCI 7275 PDC20277 (SBFastTrak133 Lite)
PCI 8002 SATAII150 SX8
PCI 8350 80333 [SuperTrak EX8350/EX16350], 80331 [SuperTrak EX8300/EX16300]
PCI 8650 81384 [SuperTrak EX SAS and SATA RAID Controller]
PCI 8760 PM8010 [SuperTrak EX SAS and SATA 6G RAID Controller]
PCI C350 80333 [SuperTrak EX12350]
PCI E350 80333 [SuperTrak EX24350]

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