PCI Vednor Name Digi International
PCI Vednor ID 114F
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 0002 AccelePort EPC
PCI 0003 RightSwitch SE-6
PCI 0004 AccelePort Xem
PCI 0005 AccelePort Xr
PCI 0006 AccelePort Xr,C/X
PCI 0009 AccelePort Xr/J
PCI 000A AccelePort EPC/J
PCI 000C DataFirePRIme T1 (1-port)
PCI 000D SyncPort 2-Port (x.25/FR)
PCI 0011 AccelePort 8r EIA-232 (IBM)
PCI 0012 AccelePort 8r EIA-422
PCI 0013 AccelePort Xr
PCI 0014 AccelePort 8r EIA-422
PCI 0015 AccelePort Xem
PCI 0016 AccelePort EPC/X
PCI 0017 AccelePort C/X
PCI 001A DataFirePRIme E1 (1-port)
PCI 001B AccelePort C/X (IBM)
PCI 001C AccelePort Xr (SAIP)
PCI 001D DataFire RAS T1/E1/PRI
PCI 0023 AccelePort RAS
PCI 0024 DataFire RAS B4 ST/U
PCI 0026 AccelePort 4r 920
PCI 0027 AccelePort Xr 920
PCI 0028 ClassicBoard 4
PCI 0029 ClassicBoard 8
PCI 0034 AccelePort 2r 920
PCI 0035 DataFire DSP T1/E1/PRI cPCI
PCI 0040 AccelePort Xp
PCI 0042 AccelePort 2p
PCI 0043 AccelePort 4p
PCI 0044 AccelePort 8p
PCI 0045 AccelePort 16p
PCI 004E AccelePort 32p
PCI 0070 Datafire Micro V IOM2 (Europe)
PCI 0071 Datafire Micro V (Europe)
PCI 0072 Datafire Micro V IOM2 (North America)
PCI 0073 Datafire Micro V (North America)
PCI 00B0 Digi Neo 4
PCI 00B1 Digi Neo 8
PCI 00C8 Digi Neo 2 DB9
PCI 00C9 Digi Neo 2 DB9 PRI
PCI 00CA Digi Neo 2 RJ45
PCI 00CB Digi Neo 2 RJ45 PRI
PCI 00CC Digi Neo 1 422
PCI 00CD Digi Neo 1 422 485
PCI 00CE Digi Neo 2 422 485
PCI 00D0 ClassicBoard 4 422
PCI 00D1 ClassicBoard 8 422
PCI 00F1 Digi Neo PCI-E 4 port
PCI 00F4 Digi Neo 4 (IBM version)
PCI 6001 Avanstar

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