PCI Vednor Name Comtrol Corporation
PCI Vednor ID 11FE
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 0001 RocketPort PCI 32-port w/external I/F
PCI 0002 RocketPort PCI 8-port w/external I/F
PCI 0003 RocketPort PCI 16-port w/external I/F
PCI 0004 RocketPort PCI 4-port w/Quad Cable
PCI 0005 RocketPort PCI 8-port w/Octa Cable
PCI 0006 RocketPort PCI 8-port w/RJ11 connectors
PCI 0007 RocketPort PCI 4-port w/RJ45 connectors
PCI 0008 RocketPort PCI 8-port w/DB78 SNI connector (Siemens)
PCI 0009 RocketPort PCI 16-port w/DB78 SNI connector (Siemens)
PCI 000A RocketPort PCI Plus 4-port w/Quad Cable
PCI 000B RocketPort PCI Plus 8-port w/Octa Cable
PCI 000C RocketModem II 6-port
PCI 000D RocketModem 4-port
PCI 000E RocketPort PCI Plus 2-port RS-232 w/DB9 connectors
PCI 000F RocketPort PCI Plus 2-port SMPTE w/DB9 connectors
PCI 0040 RocketPort INFINITY 8-port w/Octa Cable RJ45
PCI 0041 RocketPort INFINITY 32-port w/external I/F
PCI 0042 RocketPort INFINITY 8-port w/external I/F
PCI 0043 RocketPort INFINITY 16-port w/external I/F
PCI 0044 RocketPort INFINITY 4-port w/Quad Cable DB
PCI 0045 RocketPort INFINITY 8-port w/Octa Cable DB
PCI 0046 RocketPort INFINITY 4-port w/external I/F
PCI 0047 RocketPort INFINITY 4J (4-port) w/RJ45 connectors
PCI 0048 RocketPort INFINITY 4J (4-port) w/RJ45 connectors
PCI 004A RocketPort INFINITY Plus 4-port
PCI 004B RocketPort INFINITY Plus 8-port
PCI 004C RocketModem INFINITY III 8-port
PCI 004D RocketModem INFINITY III 4-port
PCI 004E RocketPort INFINITY Plus 2-port
PCI 004F RocketPort INFINITY 2-port SMPTE w/DB9 connectors
PCI 0050 RocketPort INFINITY Plus 4-port RJ45
PCI 0051 RocketPort INFINITY Plus 8-port RJ11
PCI 0052 RocketPort INFINITY 8-port SMPTE w/DB9 Connectors
PCI 0060 RocketPort EXPRESS 8-port w/Octa Cable
PCI 0061 RocketPort EXPRESS 32-port w/external I/F
PCI 0062 RocketPort EXPRESS 8-Port w/external I/F
PCI 0063 RocketPort EXPRESS 16-port w/external I/F
PCI 0064 RocketPort EXPRESS 4-port w/Quad Cable
PCI 0065 RocketPort EXPRESS 8-port w/Octa Cable
PCI 0066 RocketPort EXPRESS 4-port w/external I/F
PCI 0067 RocketPort EXPRESS 4J (4-port) w/RJ45 connectors
PCI 0068 RocketPort EXPRESS 8J (8-port) w/RJ11 connectors
PCI 006F RocketPort EXPRESS SMPTE 2-port
PCI 0072 RocketPort EXPRESS SMPTE 8-port w/external I/F
PCI 0801 RocketPort uPCI 32-port w/external I/F
PCI 0802 RocketPort uPCI 8-port w/external I/F
PCI 0803 RocketPort uPCI 16-port w/external I/F
PCI 0805 RocketPort uPCI 8-port w/Octa Cable
PCI 080B RocketPort Plus uPCI 8-port w/Octa Cable
PCI 080C RocketModem III 8-port
PCI 080D RocketModem III 4-port
PCI 080E RocketPort uPCI 2-port RS232 w/DB9 connectors
PCI 080F RocketPort uPCI SMPTE 2-port
PCI 0810 RocketPort Plus uPCI 4J (4-port) w/RJ45 connectors
PCI 0811 RocketPort Plus uPCI 8J (8-port) w/RJ11 connectors
PCI 0812 RocketPort Plus uPCI 422 8-port
PCI 0813 RocketModem IV uPCI 8-port
PCI 0814 RocketModem IV uPCI 4-port
PCI 0903 RocketPort Compact PCI 16 port w/external I/F
PCI 8015 RocketPort 550 4-port
PCI 8805 RocketPort uPCI 4-port w/Quad Cable
PCI 880B RocketPort Plus uPCI 4-port w/Quad Cable
PCI 8812 RocketPort Plus uPCI 4-port RS422 w/Quad Cable

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