PCI Vednor Name Cyclades Corporation
PCI Vednor ID 120E
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 0100 Cyclom-Y below first megabyte
PCI 0101 Cyclom-Y above first megabyte
PCI 0102 Cyclom-4Y below first megabyte
PCI 0103 Cyclom-4Y above first megabyte
PCI 0104 Cyclom-8Y below first megabyte
PCI 0105 Cyclom-8Y above first megabyte
PCI 0200 Cyclades-Z below first megabyte
PCI 0201 Cyclades-Z above first megabyte
PCI 0300 PC300/RSV or /X21 (2 ports)
PCI 0301 PC300/RSV or /X21 (1 port)
PCI 0310 PC300/TE (2 ports)
PCI 0311 PC300/TE (1 port)
PCI 0320 PC300/TE-M (2 ports)
PCI 0321 PC300/TE-M (1 port)
PCI 0400 PC400

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