PCI Vednor Name Meinberg Funkuhren
PCI Vednor ID 1360
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 0101 PCI32 DCF77 Radio Clock
PCI 0102 PCI509 DCF77 Radio Clock
PCI 0103 PCI510 DCF77 Radio Clock
PCI 0104 PCI511 DCF77 Radio Clock
PCI 0105 PEX511 DCF77 Radio Clock (PCI Express)
PCI 0106 PZF180PEX High Precision DCF77 Radio Clock (PCI Express)
PCI 0201 GPS167PCI GPS Receiver
PCI 0202 GPS168PCI GPS Receiver
PCI 0203 GPS169PCI GPS Receiver
PCI 0204 GPS170PCI GPS Receiver
PCI 0205 GPS170PEX GPS Receiver (PCI Express)
PCI 0206 GPS180PEX GPS Receiver (PCI Express)
PCI 0207 GLN180PEX GPS/GLONASS receiver (PCI Express)
PCI 0208 GPS180AMC GPS Receiver (PCI Express / MicroTCA / AdvancedMC)
PCI 0209 GNS181PEX GPS/Galileo/GLONASS/BEIDOU receiver (PCI Express)
PCI 0301 TCR510PCI IRIG Timecode Reader
PCI 0302 TCR167PCI IRIG Timecode Reader
PCI 0303 TCR511PCI IRIG Timecode Reader
PCI 0304 TCR511PEX IRIG Timecode Reader (PCI Express)
PCI 0305 TCR170PEX IRIG Timecode Reader (PCI Express)
PCI 0306 TCR180PEX IRIG Timecode Reader (PCI Express)
PCI 0501 PTP270PEX PTP/IEEE1588 slave card (PCI Express)
PCI 0601 FRC511PEX Free Running Clock (PCI Express)

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