PCI Vednor Name Meilhaus Electronic GmbH
PCI Vednor ID 1402
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 0630 ME-630
PCI 0940 ME-94
PCI 0950 ME-95
PCI 0960 ME-96
PCI 1000 ME-1000
PCI 100A ME-1000
PCI 100B ME-1000
PCI 1400 ME-1400
PCI 140A ME-1400A
PCI 140B ME-1400B
PCI 140C ME-1400C
PCI 140D ME-1400D
PCI 140E ME-1400E
PCI 14EA ME-1400EA
PCI 14EB ME-1400EB
PCI 1604 ME-1600/4U
PCI 1608 ME-1600/8U
PCI 160C ME-1600/12U
PCI 160F ME-1600/16U
PCI 168F ME-1600/16U8I
PCI 4610 ME-4610
PCI 4650 ME-4650
PCI 4660 ME-4660
PCI 4661 ME-4660I
PCI 4662 ME-4660
PCI 4663 ME-4660I
PCI 4670 ME-4670
PCI 4671 ME-4670I
PCI 4672 ME-4670S
PCI 4673 ME-4670IS
PCI 4680 ME-4680
PCI 4681 ME-4680I
PCI 4682 ME-4680S
PCI 4683 ME-4680IS
PCI 6004 ME-6000/4
PCI 6008 ME-6000/8
PCI 600F ME-6000/16
PCI 6014 ME-6000I/4
PCI 6018 ME-6000I/8
PCI 601F ME-6000I/16
PCI 6034 ME-6000ISLE/4
PCI 6038 ME-6000ISLE/8
PCI 603F ME-6000ISLE/16
PCI 6044 ME-6000/4/DIO
PCI 6048 ME-6000/8/DIO
PCI 604F ME-6000/16/DIO
PCI 6054 ME-6000I/4/DIO
PCI 6058 ME-6000I/8/DIO
PCI 605F ME-6000I/16/DIO
PCI 6074 ME-6000ISLE/4/DIO
PCI 6078 ME-6000ISLE/8/DIO
PCI 607F ME-6000ISLE/16/DIO
PCI 6104 ME-6100/4
PCI 6108 ME-6100/8
PCI 610F ME-6100/16
PCI 6114 ME-6100I/4
PCI 6118 ME-6100I/8
PCI 611F ME-6100I/16
PCI 6134 ME-6100ISLE/4
PCI 6138 ME-6100ISLE/8
PCI 613F ME-6100ISLE/16
PCI 6144 ME-6100/4/DIO
PCI 6148 ME-6100/8/DIO
PCI 614F ME-6100/16/DIO
PCI 6154 ME-6100I/4/DIO
PCI 6158 ME-6100I/8/DIO
PCI 615F ME-6100I/16/DIO
PCI 6174 ME-6100ISLE/4/DIO
PCI 6178 ME-6100ISLE/8/DIO
PCI 617F ME-6100ISLE/16/DIO
PCI 6259 ME-6200I/9/DIO
PCI 6359 ME-6300I/9/DIO
PCI 810A ME-8100A
PCI 810B ME-8100B
PCI 820A ME-8200A
PCI 820B ME-8200B

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