PCI Vednor Name Microsoft Corporation
PCI Vednor ID 1414
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 0001 MN-120 (ADMtek Centaur-C based)
PCI 0002 MN-130 (ADMtek Centaur-P based)
PCI 5353 Hyper-V virtual VGA
PCI 5801 XMA Decoder (Xenon)
PCI 5802 SATA Controller - CdRom (Xenon)
PCI 5803 SATA Controller - Disk (Xenon)
PCI 5804 OHCI Controller 0 (Xenon)
PCI 5805 EHCI Controller 0 (Xenon)
PCI 5806 OHCI Controller 1 (Xenon)
PCI 5807 EHCI Controller 1 (Xenon)
PCI 580A Fast Ethernet Adapter (Xenon)
PCI 580B Secure Flash Controller (Xenon)
PCI 580D System Management Controller (Xenon)
PCI 5811 Xenos GPU (Xenon)

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