PCI Vednor Name Gidel Ltd.
PCI Vednor ID 165C
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 5361 PROCStarII60-1
PCI 5362 PROCStarII60-2
PCI 5364 PROCStarII60-4
PCI 5435 ProcSparkII
PCI 5661 ProcE60
PCI 56E1 ProcE180
PCI 5911 ProcStarIII110-1
PCI 5912 ProcStarIII110-2
PCI 5913 ProcStarIII110-3
PCI 5914 ProcStarIII110-4
PCI 5921 ProcStarIII150-1
PCI 5922 ProcStarIII150-2
PCI 5923 ProcStarIII150-3
PCI 5924 ProcStarIII150-4
PCI 5931 ProcStarIII260-1
PCI 5932 ProcStarIII260-2
PCI 5933 ProcStarIII260-3
PCI 5934 ProcStarIII260-4
PCI 5941 ProcStarIII340-1
PCI 5942 ProcStarIII340-2
PCI 5943 ProcStarIII340-3
PCI 5944 ProcStarIII340-4
PCI 5A01 ProceIII80
PCI 5A11 ProceIII110
PCI 5A21 ProceIII150
PCI 5A31 ProceIII260
PCI 5A41 ProceIII340
PCI 5B51 ProceIV360
PCI 5B61 ProceIV530
PCI 5B71 ProceIV820
PCI 5C01 ProcStarIV80-1
PCI 5C02 ProcStarIV80-2
PCI 5C03 ProcStarIV80-3
PCI 5C04 ProcStarIV80-4
PCI 5C11 ProcStarIV110-1
PCI 5C12 ProcStarIV110-2
PCI 5C13 ProcStarIV110-3
PCI 5C14 ProcStarIV110-4
PCI 5C51 ProcStarIV360-1
PCI 5C52 ProcStarIV360-2
PCI 5C53 ProcStarIV360-3
PCI 5C54 ProcStarIV360-4
PCI 5C61 ProcStarIV530-1
PCI 5C62 ProcStarIV530-2
PCI 5C63 ProcStarIV530-3
PCI 5C64 ProcStarIV530-4
PCI 5C71 ProcStarIV820-1
PCI 5C72 ProcStarIV820-2
PCI 5C73 ProcStarIV820-3
PCI 5C74 ProcStarIV820-4
PCI 5D01 Proc10480
PCI 5D11 Proc104110
PCI 5F01 ProceV_A3
PCI 5F11 ProceV_A7
PCI 5F21 ProceV_AB
PCI 5F31 ProceV_D5
PCI 5F41 ProceV_D8
PCI 6732 Proc6M
PCI 6832 Proc12M
PCI 7101 Proc10a_27
PCI 7111 Proc10a_48
PCI 7121 Proc10a_66
PCI 7141 Proc10a_115
PCI 7181 Proc10a_27S
PCI 7191 Proc10a_48S
PCI 71A1 Proc10a_66S
PCI 71B1 Proc10A
PCI 72B1 HawkEye
PCI 73B1 Proc10s

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