PCI Vednor Name Napatech A/S
PCI Vednor ID 18F4
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 0031 NT20X Network Adapter
PCI 0051 NT20X Capture Card
PCI 0061 NT20E Capture Card
PCI 0064 NT20E Inline Card
PCI 0071 NT4E Capture Card
PCI 0074 NT4E Inline Card
PCI 0081 NT4E 4-port Expansion Card
PCI 0091 NT20X Capture Card [New Rev]
PCI 00A1 NT4E-STD Capture Card
PCI 00A4 NT4E-STD Inline Card
PCI 00B1 NTBPE Optical Bypass Adapter
PCI 00C5 NT20E2 Network Adapter 2x10Gb
PCI 00D5 NT40E2-4 Network Adapter 4x10Gb
PCI 00E5 NT40E2-1 Network Adapter 1x40Gb
PCI 00F5 NT4E2-4T-BP Network Adapter 4x1Gb with Electrical Bypass
PCI 0105 NT4E2-4-PTP Network Adapter 4x1Gb
PCI 0115 NT20E2-PTP Network Adapter 2x10Gb
PCI 0125 NT4E2-4-PTP Network Adapter 4x1Gb
PCI 0135 NT20E2-PTP Network Adapter 2x10Gb
PCI 0145 NT40E3-4-PTP Network Adapter 4x10Gb
PCI 0155 NT100E3-1-PTP Network Adapter 1x100Gb
PCI 0165 NT80E3-2-PTP Network Adapter 2x40Gb
PCI 0175 NT20E3-2-PTP Network Adapter 2x10Gb
PCI 0185 NT40A01 Network Adapter
PCI 01A5 NT200A01 Network Adapter

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