PCI Vednor Name Freescale Semiconductor Inc
PCI Vednor ID 1957
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Vendor Devices
Type Device ID Device Name
PCI 0012 MPC8548E
PCI 0013 MPC8548
PCI 0014 MPC8543E
PCI 0015 MPC8543
PCI 0018 MPC8547E
PCI 0019 MPC8545E
PCI 001A MPC8545
PCI 0020 MPC8568E
PCI 0021 MPC8568
PCI 0022 MPC8567E
PCI 0023 MPC8567
PCI 0030 MPC8533E
PCI 0031 MPC8533
PCI 0032 MPC8544E
PCI 0033 MPC8544
PCI 0040 MPC8572E
PCI 0041 MPC8572
PCI 0050 MPC8536E
PCI 0051 MPC8536
PCI 0052 MPC8535E
PCI 0053 MPC8535
PCI 0060 MPC8569
PCI 0061 MPC8569E
PCI 0070 P2020E
PCI 0071 P2020
PCI 0078 P2010E
PCI 0079 P2010
PCI 0080 MPC8349E
PCI 0081 MPC8349
PCI 0082 MPC8347E TBGA
PCI 0083 MPC8347 TBGA
PCI 0084 MPC8347E PBGA
PCI 0085 MPC8347 PBGA
PCI 0086 MPC8343E
PCI 0087 MPC8343
PCI 00B4 MPC8315E
PCI 00B6 MPC8314E
PCI 00C2 MPC8379E
PCI 00C3 MPC8379
PCI 00C4 MPC8378E
PCI 00C5 MPC8378
PCI 00C6 MPC8377E
PCI 00C7 MPC8377
PCI 0100 P1020E
PCI 0101 P1020
PCI 0102 P1021E
PCI 0103 P1021
PCI 0108 P1011E
PCI 0109 P1011
PCI 010A P1012E
PCI 010B P1012
PCI 0110 P1022E
PCI 0111 P1022
PCI 0118 P1013E
PCI 0119 P1013
PCI 0128 P1010
PCI 0400 P4080E
PCI 0401 P4080
PCI 0408 P4040E
PCI 0409 P4040
PCI 041F P3041
PCI 0440 T4240 with security
PCI 0441 T4240 without security
PCI 0446 T4160 with security
PCI 0447 T4160 without security
PCI 0830 T2080 with security
PCI 0831 T2080 without security
PCI 0838 T2081 with security
PCI 0839 T2081 without security
PCI 580C MPC5121e
PCI 7010 MPC8641 PCI Host Bridge
PCI 7011 MPC8641D PCI Host Bridge
PCI 7018 MPC8610
PCI C006 MPC8308
PCI FC02 RedStone

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